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The effort you should put into managing social media accounts under your business goals is considerable. However, your challenge continues beyond here as you need to implement a mix of strategies, such as SEO and PR. 

You will not need to go beyond our blog to face this challenge. With us, you will discover integrated social media strategies, how to boost your brand’s message, enhance your online presence, and link your social accounts with your website to make it more visible for SEO.

Social media community management 

Have you ever considered building a community for your audience where they feel engaged, heard, and valued? Knowing this strategy is the essence of successful social media management, and it is worth it. Do not be late anymore. Building this community goes beyond posting or updating your content; you should create a real community where your audience feels loyal to your business and brand. How do you do that?

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Best Practices to Manage Social Media Community

Social media management will be efficient with a clear vision and plan. Here, we collect for you—based on our expertise—the best practices you can follow: Set your brand’s voice and tone as a uniform to the community. All posts, feedback, and participation go under this uniform.

  • Create content that aligns with your community members’ preferences and interests, using various formats to motivate them to participate, post, and engage.
  • Track the mentions of your brand using social listening tools; this step helps you optimize your strategies to meet your audience’s expectations.
  • Encourage UGC: The UGC boosts community members’ feelings of loyalty and makes your brand more transparent and authentic, strengthening your ties with your audience.
  • Be proactive about managing negative feedback and preparing strategies and ideas for dealing with different types of feedback.

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4 Effective Social Media Strategies to Manage Community

PR and social media management

What about integrating public relations with social media management? Do not hesitate to do so, as it amplifies your brand’s online impact, ensures your messaging across platforms, and boosts your relationship with your audience in real-time. But how you can achieve this integration by following these steps:

  • Create stories based on PR insights and make them suitable for social media.
  • Respond to negative feedback on social media in a way that aligns with PR principles.
  • Engage with influencers who align with your brand’s value, expanding your PR campaigns to new audiences.
  • Adjust your strategies to meet your audience’s needs by monitoring social media feedback.

Digital marketing and social media management

Mixing digital marketing with social media management is like putting together a puzzle that helps your brand get noticed and loved by more people. Imagine digital marketing as the big picture where you use emails, websites, and ads to tell everyone about your brand. Now, think of social media management as the unique pieces that let you talk directly with people, share cool stuff, and see what they like. When you put them together, you make a complete picture where your brand’s story is clear everywhere online; you can chat with people directly and use what you learn to improve everything.

Social media and website management

Social media drives traffic to the website by promoting content like blog posts and product news. Consistent branding across social media and the website strengthens the brand’s identity. 

Feedback from social media can help improve website content, while the website offers detailed information supporting social conversations. Suitable social media activity will lead to a higher ranking of the e-website in terms of visibility. Integrated marketing campaigns use both channels for a seamless user experience, directing users from social media to specific website pages. 

Let’s gather information from your social media accounts and website and provide you with the best strategies to understand your audience’s behaviors and achieve success for your campaigns.

SEO and social media management

  1. Both are essential for improving online visibility and audience engagement.
  2. Sharing SEO-enhanced content on social platforms increases web traffic.
  3. An engaging social media presence supports SEO by boosting search interest in the brand.
  4. Socially shared content can generate external links to the site, benefiting SEO rankings.
  5. Social media trends can guide the selection of keywords for SEO, ensuring content aligns with what audiences are interested in.
  6. Using social platforms’ location features can improve visibility in local search results.
  7. Engaging content on social media can lead to more site visits, positively affecting SEO metrics like bounce rate.
  8. While not direct SEO factors, likes and shares on social media suggest content quality and relevance, influencing search rankings.
  9. Evaluating SEO and social media data offers insights into performance and user preferences.
  10. Active and positive social engagement can improve a brand’s reputation, influencing its performance in search results.


Social media management tips from XPixel

  • Craft content that resonates deeply with the crowd you aim to reach.
  • Keeping a calendar helps you post regularly and mix things up, so there’s always something fresh.
  • Join conversations, reply to feedback, and show your followers some love to build a tight-knit tribe.
  • Grab eyeballs with stunning visuals that make scrolling stoppers pause and look.
  • Lean into the insights and data to tweak your game plan, doubling down on the hits.
  • From snappy stories to live chit-chats, see which formats make your audience stick around and engage.
  • Use every opportunity to direct people to your social channels on your site, emails, or other platforms.
  • Clear goals guide your social media voyage, ensuring every post moves you closer to where you want to be.


Merging social media management with SEO, PR, and digital marketing strategies is crucial for lifting your brand to new heights. Embracing these cohesive strategies ensures your brand transcends mere visibility, allowing your audience to truly feel and experience its essence. Implementing these tactics will amplify your brand’s narrative across various platforms, enhancing connections and ensuring your brand shines digitally. Consider this your guide to surviving and flourishing online, turning each interaction into an opportunity for increased brand awareness and engagement. Connect us now to experience it yourself.


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