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Privacy Policy for XPixel Digital Marketing Agency

Our Cookies Policy, referred to herein as (“the Policy“) has been crafted to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how and why Xpixel FZE uses various types of cookies and similar technologies on our official website,

At Xpixel FZE, we prioritize transparency and respect for your privacy. This Policy delves into the intricacies of our cookie usage, elucidating the purposes behind using different types of cookies and similar technologies.

As part of our commitment to safeguarding your privacy, this Policy also equips you with insights into how you can manage cookies and similar technologies to align with your preferences.


The terms as used in this Cookie Policy shall have the following meaning:

  1.  “user,” “you,” “your”, “user” ,“visitor” refer to any individual using or visiting the Website.
  2. “Website” means
  3. “Xpixel FZE,” “We,” and “Us” means company Xpixel FZE, incorporated under the laws of the United Arab Emirates, with its registered office situated in Dubai Silicon Oasis Industrial Area – Dubai, and holding License No 20364.


Our commitment extends beyond compliance with legal standards to ensure a seamless and secure online experience for you. Should you have any inquiries or concerns about this Cookies Policy or Xpixel FZE’s privacy practices, we encourage you to contact us at the contact information given below in this Policy.

What Are Cookies?

Upon your visit to our Website, one or more “cookies” will be generated and deployed, subject to your consent, if deemed necessary.

Cookies, functioning as files or informational fragments, are stored on your computer or other internet-enabled devices, such as smartphones or tablets, during your interaction with the Website. Typically, a cookie captures your essential details and browsing preferences, and this information stored in a cookie is marked with a distinct ID linked to both you and your computer.


The implementation of cookies serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it is designed to optimize the user experience by simplifying Website navigation and tailoring our web presence and products to align seamlessly with your specific interests and needs. Additionally, cookies play a crucial role in expediting your future interactions on the Website, ensuring a more efficient and personalized browsing experience.


In practical terms, cookies act as a memory bank for our Website, retaining user-configured settings. These encompass, without limitation, language preferences, font size on the user’s computer or mobile device, and various browser preferences. This operational feature prevents the necessity for users to repeatedly adjust preferences during each visit, contributing to a more user-friendly experience. It is imperative to note that, in the absence of cookie usage, the Website would treat each user as a new visitor upon every page load.

Categories of Cookies Used on The Site:

This Website utilizes two categories of cookies, namely “Session cookies” and “Persistent cookies”. Session cookies are transient, existing on your device until you exit the Website, while persistent cookies endure for an extended period or until manually deleted. Session Cookies refresh after each visit, whereas Persistent Cookies persist across multiple visits.

Our cookies are systematically categorized for clarity in understanding their purposes:

A. Essential/Necessary Cookies:

These are indispensable for the correct functioning of the Website, facilitating visitor navigation, feature utilization, crash prevention, information display, bug resolution, and overall Website security. Without these cookies, certain Website functions may be unavailable, but they do not identify you as an individual.

B. Functional Cookies:

Designed to ‘remember’ your choices, such as user name, language, or region, these cookies enhance personalization for a more tailored online experience. Refusal to accept these cookies may impact Website performance, and functionality, and limit access to web content.

C. Performance/Analytical Cookies:

 These cookies offer insights into visitor interactions with our web properties, revealing details like areas visited, time spent on the Website, and encountered issues, such as error messages. They contribute to enhancing Website performance, identifying concerns, and gauging feature popularity. Importantly, these cookies do not personally identify you unless specified otherwise.

D. Targeting/Marketing Cookies:

Employed to deliver advertisements aligned with your interests, these cookies also control the frequency of ad displays and measure advertising campaign effectiveness. Information collected by these cookies is often shared with third-party advertising agencies.

Personal Information Collection

Some of the Cookies used by the Website may store personal information about a user. However, this can be done only if the user has provided the Website with his/her Personal Information. All Personal Information stored on the Website will be subject to our Privacy Policy. 

Our Website may contain links to third-party websites which have their privacy policies. In this case, the user to the extent is no longer on our Website and is not providing Xpixel FZE with his/her Personal Information will become subject to the Privacy Policy of the third party website and Xpixel FZE will have no liability for any Personal Information provided to the third-party information gatherer through the website controlled or operated by that third party.


Most web browsers automatically accept cookies but you can configure your Internet browser to accept or reject cookies, or to notify you when a cookie is set. Disabling cookies should not prevent you from using our Website, but certain features or functions of our Website may not be available to you if you disable or restrict the use of cookies.

 Our Essential cookies cannot be turned off. However, Functionality or Marketing cookies can be turned on or off by changing your cookie settings on our Website. If you require more information or help to change your cookie preferences in your browser, please refer to the settings of the browser that you are using to access the internet.


We take the security of your data very seriously. We employ physical, electronic, and administrative security measures to protect the information that we collect about you from access by unauthorized persons and against unlawful processing, accidental loss, destruction, and damage. You acknowledge and agree that we shall not be responsible for any unauthorized use, distribution, damage, or destruction of personal data, except to the extent we are required to accept such responsibility by the data protection laws in the United Arab Emirates.


We keep this Policy under regular review and may update it at any time. Please take a look at the “Last Updated” section at the top of this Policy to see when it was last changed. Any changes in this Policy will become effective when we make the revised Policy available on or through the Website. We also encourage you to check this Policy on a regular basis. We will notify you of any changes (including when they will take effect) if we are required to do so by data protection or e-privacy laws of the United Arab Emirates.


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