Best Social Media Management Tools for Small Business

Best Social Media Management Tools for Small Business

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One of the biggest challenges small-business owners face is managing their social media accounts. This difficulty worsens as this task is essential for success in the digital world. So, Choosing and using the proper social media management tools is a practical solution.

With us today, you will read about Social media Management, the best free and paid tools that marketers could use to manage their social media accounts effectively, and other related matters on this topic.

Social Media Management

Social media management is critical for maintaining and enhancing a brand’s digital presence. It allows businesses to connect with their audience, strengthen their brand identity, and more efficiently achieve their marketing objectives. Social media plays an essential role in digital marketing by providing a direct communication channel with customers and prospects.

All activities related to social media platforms, like creating and distributing content, engaging with followers, analyzing social media trends and metrics, and executing advertising campaigns, come under the umbrella of Social media Management.

Wherever you master how to do social media management, you will enjoy higher-engaing brand’s digital presence, connecting with your audience much better, and

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What are the activities of social media management?

  • Crafting content: videos, posts, and other types to engage the audience through online platforms.
  • Scheduling Content: Planning content release to ensure continuous online presence.
  • Fostering Engagement: Encouraging community feeling through interactions with followers in comments, messages, and mentions.
  • Analyzing Data: Assessing strategies based on metrics like engagement rates and follower increments.
  • Conducting Monitoring: Watching for brand mentions, industry changes, and competitor strategies.
  • Executing Paid Ads: Running ads aimed at expanding or focusing audience reach.
  • Developing Strategies: Formulating a social media plan that complements overarching marketing objectives.
  • Managing Communities: Nurturing online communities to build brand loyalty.
  • Managing Crises: Addressing any negative feedback or crises quickly and with poise.
  • Partnering with Influencers: Working with influencers to boost brand reach and authenticity.

Let’s discuss working together to implement these tasks within your marketing goals.

Social Media Management Tools & Platforms

The role of social media management tools and platforms is indispensable for you if you are looking to solidify your digital presence and approach it with a business mindset. 

Far from just enabling content publication, these tools are vital in building substantial connections, delving into audience preferences, and fine-tuning social media strategies for measurable results.

Top 10 free & Paid Social Media Management Tools

Best Free Platforms for Social Media

  1. Hootsuite Free Version: This free service allows you to manage up to three social media profiles, schedule your posts beforehand, and view basic stats on your posts.
  2. Buffer Free Version: Keep it simple with Buffer, which allows you to schedule up to 10 posts for three social media accounts in advance. It’s great for planning without any hassle.
  3. TweetDeck: Perfect for Twitter users, TweetDeck lets you easily manage multiple Twitter accounts, schedule tweets, and stay organized.
  4. Canva: Get creative with Canva’s free plan, offering many social media design templates and a way to schedule your posts. It’s a fun way to make your posts look great.
  5. Later Free Plan: Ideal for Instagram lovers, Later helps you plan out your Instagram posts with a limit of 30 monthly posts for one profile.

Top 5 Paid Tools for Social Media

  1. Sprout Social: Sprout Social gives you deep insights, helps you listen to social conversations, and even includes a customer relationship manager (CRM) feature.
  2. Hootsuite Professional: You can manage ten profiles, schedule as many posts as you want, and get more detailed reports.
  3. Buffer Pro: You can manage eight profiles and schedule 100 posts per profile, which is excellent for growing your business.
  4. Agorapulse: Starting at $79 a month, Agorapulse is incredible for bigger teams or agencies, offering scheduling, detailed reports, and a way to listen to what people say about you online.
  5. Sendible: Sendible is perfect for those who want to integrate social media with blogging. It offers unique tools for creating and managing your content.

Social Media Management Tools Comparison

As a start-up owner with a limited budget, it would be better to manage your online presence on these platforms with free social media management tools. At this phase, the free version will be sufficient to manage a few accounts and schedule posts.

After a while, your business grows and requires more features and options that fit your needs. However, you should be selective when choosing and upgrading your plan, as no one tool is the optimal one to accomplish all tasks in the best way.

So, the smart way to handle social media is to figure out what you need first. Then, carefully pick tools that match your big and changing goals. This will ensure your social media stays up-to-date and grows with your startup.

best social media management tools for agencies & small business

Agencies dealing with a diverse client base need a solution like Agorapulse, which simplifies the management process with customizable workflows and approval processes, ensuring each client’s unique strategy is handled carefully. 

Sendible further supports agencies by integrating seamlessly with many platforms and streamlining client content management. At the same time, Sprout Social offers deep insights and CRM capabilities, which are vital for understanding audiences and proving the agency’s worth through tangible results. 

On the flip side, small business owners benefit from tools that condense the complexities of social media into manageable tasks. Buffer offers an easy-to-navigate platform for scheduling posts, making it possible to maintain a constant online presence effortlessly. Hootsuite brings all your social media channels into one place, providing a comprehensive overview for easy management, monitoring, and analysis. For creating engaging visual content, Canva is unmatched, offering a wealth of templates and the ability to schedule posts directly, enhancing your brand’s visual appeal with ease. 

social media marketing campaign management tools

Selecting the right tool for effective social media campaign management can dramatically enhance engagement, streamline scheduling, and provide valuable insights. 

Here are five standout social media management tools, each offering unique capabilities for successful campaign execution: 

  1. HubSpot Marketing Hub

Ideal for integrating social campaigns with broader marketing strategies, HubSpot offers seamless CRM integration and real-time analytics, making it easier to personalize and measure social media efforts.

  1. CoSchedule

As a unified marketing calendar, CoSchedule excels at consolidating planning, scheduling, and analytics in one platform, ideal for teams seeking cohesive campaign management. 

  1. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is known for its collaborative tools, detailed analytics, and social listening features. It is perfect for teams coordinating and optimizing social media campaigns across multiple platforms. 

  1. Hootsuite Campaigns

Hootsuite offers versatility with its Campaigns feature, supporting various interactive campaign types while providing a comprehensive dashboard for monitoring and engagement across networks. 

  1. Zoho Social

Part of the Zoho suite, this tool enhances campaign management with its CRM integration and analytics, offering a detailed view of social media’s impact on lead generation and customer engagement. 

automated social media management tools

Automated tools for social media management are crafted to enhance the efficiency of handling social media platforms by automating several tasks. These include scheduling content posts, analyzing engagement, and overseeing conversations. 

The primary goal of these tools is to boost time efficiency and effectively elevate the success of social media strategies. Key features include: 

  • Content Scheduling: These tools automate the timing of posts across different platforms to achieve the best possible engagement.
  • Analytics on Performance: They provide valuable insights into how well social media campaigns perform, tracking metrics like shares, likes, and comments.
  • Monitoring of Brand: Automated monitoring of mentions related to the brand, trends within the industry, and what competitors are doing.
  • Engagement Automation: They offer functionalities for automatically engaging with followers or interacting with content on the platform.
  • Collaboration Among Teams: These tools aid in the collaboration process, offering features that allow assigning roles and approving content among team members.
  • By integrating these automated management tools into their social media strategies, businesses can streamline their social media operations, engage more effectively with their audience, and achieve their marketing objectives with increased precision and less effort.

Ultimately, it is important to decide which tool to adopt should align with your social media goals, budgetary constraints, and operational scale. Starting with free versions offers a solid foundation for newcomers and small entities. In contrast, paid versions’ comprehensive functionalities and analytics are designed to cater to more advanced requirements and broader engagement strategies. Call us now.


Who needs social media management?

  • Businesses: From small local shops to global corporations, companies use social media to increase visibility, engage with customers, and drive sales through targeted campaigns.
  • Individuals & Professionals: Influencers, content creators, and professionals utilize social media for personal branding, audience engagement, and showcasing expertise.
  • Organizations & Non-Profits: These entities leverage social media to promote causes, mobilize support, and communicate impact, while educational institutions use it to connect with students and alumni.
  • Marketing Agencies & Freelancers: They manage multiple client accounts, offering strategic advice and reporting on social media performance.
  • Government & Public Services: Agencies and public figures employ social media for announcements, citizen engagement, and policy communication.


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